Looking for a coolant tank

Bought a used XR650R, coolant tank is missing and I would like to put it back on. Anyone have one off their bike they are willing to sell?

Do you know what type of coolant the bike is using??

Some guy's that use Evens remove the coolent tank. You can't use water or Glycol coolent if the bike is using Evens. This is important to look into.

Whatever the coolant is, I'm going to drain it and switch to engine ice, or a home made version on it.

What I could use a is a photo of how the coolant overflow tank mounts. I'm looking at what parts to buy, and I see there is a coolant tank guard, but since this tank will mount behind the bash place, I'm not sure I need to order that. Can someone who has the tank on their bike let me know if the guard is needed to mount the coolant overflow tank?

i have 4-5 new coolent tanks in the honda wrapper sitting in my garage. you can have one for free...such a deal.... :)

Great.. Sent you a PM with my contact info.. Thanks for the help.

wait a minute coolant overflow tank???

Dont have one on my 02, should i???

and i spit coolant while riding single track sometimes but have never lost much...


Well, Even's costs a lot of money ($45 a gallon) and shouldn't/can't be mixed with water. It does not make any pressure and willnot boil over (that is why they remove the tank). So, if you have evens in there you should find a way to flush the quart out that does not drain out (stuff below the water pump in the engine). Just a heads up to look for on a used bike that does not have a over flow tank. I have Even's in my bike but, still have the tank on (doesn't weigh enough to take off). There was a rash of guy's that went to Even's over the last few years. The up side of Even's is it doesn't build pressure so if you crack a radiator, rip off a hose you can stop the leak with tape or anything and still ride without coolent loss. The bad side is you never know when the bike is to hot because it won't boil over. There is a spot on the Thermostat housing where a temp probe can be installed but, I haven't done that yet.

Evens is a clear red, super light (like water) oily stuff. If you can take the radiator cap off when the bike is hot, it's Even's.

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