Qwiksilver idle

My 00 XR650R supermoto urban assault machine runs like a hooker on speed except I'm constantly having to dick with the idle at every stoplight. I got it with the bike and haven't touched it so I don't know what the other settings are. Any ideas?

Is it running rich, Vacum leaks, throttle cables sticking....... :)

Right (clockwise) is rich and Left (counter clockwise) is lean. Turn the knob on top of the carburetor (you'll have to lift the tank some) a few clicks lean till the bike pops when you let off the throttle from high rpms (third or fourth) then click it back rich till it stops popping. Takes a little time the first time you do it but, it is worth it.

I think the reason the idle changes is due to vibration. The idle adjustment will 'walk' itself in causing the higher idle. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I'm gonna find out for sure by taping up where the adjuster threads into the carb. I'll report back with my findings.

My idle never changes, Stays right where I set it.......... :)

Is the spring on the idle screw.........

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