Brand new WR450 hell

Torque values for bolts are always given for a bolt with clean DRY threads!!

That oil lube on the bolt decreases tightning resistance

That stinks.But don't stress.Hopefully it's just the strainer.If not loctite over here put out a product for remaking stripped threads.It's about $15 australian dollars so thats like nothing in the states.I have used on very large threads 2 inch? in high pressure heater manifold and it holds.I wouldn't have believed it was possible but it works.It's a 2 part mix and you put this blue stuff on the bolt thread so it doesn,t stick to the bolt tread then do the bolot up into the hole but not overly tight.The next day you tighten it up as normal.Happy riding Dave.

P.S if you have trouble getting hold of some post on the forum as read every couple of days and i will try and help

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