Rear Axle nut torque: 75 + and uumph enough?

After chain adjustment I noticed manual says 94 torque. Surely they jest. I remember breaking a oil filter cover bolt last time I listended to the manual torque suggestion.

First off, I no have a torque wrench that size. Mine goes to 75. So I did 75 with an extra Ummph, probably 80. Is my tire gonna fly off in the air sometime :)


Did it take alot of stregnth to tighten it? I don't use a torque wrench that size. So I take an open end wrench and yank that thing down. I doubt your going to break you axel. And it's also a locking type nut. I think you should be fine.

CRF250AWP, thanks for the reply. Took some strength. Was more concerned about it not being tight enough than so tight it would break. 94lbs seems hugge - and really did not want to buy another torque wrench :) 75-80 lbs will have to be enough.

It should be plenty.

Yeah, I dont even use my torque wrentch for that because the only socket that I have that fits the axel bolt is a 1/2 drive, and my torque wrentch is 3/8. I just tighten that sucker down as tight as it can go. Its never loosed up on me yet, so youll be fine.

In 25+ years of racing, I've never used a torque wrench on an axle nut. I make sure it's tight, but don't try to demo how strong I really am. Never lost a wheel yet.

Torque specs are important for motors and suspension and some other areas, but an axle is simply supposed to be tight. Most of you can figure that one out on your own, no torque wrench needed.

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