2006 YZ450F 5 speed yellow or blue?

I just got a call from my Boss and he asked me do I want yellow or Blue? 5 speed, aluminum frame. I guess Mike Bell got to do the honors of the into. I don't have all the details because I am going to Star west to go moto. My 2004 Husqvarna CR125 and my 1981 YZ465. I hope I did not rush anything. I had a 1998 yz400f and a 2003 YZ450F I can't wait until they get here. Go Yamaha 50 years! Thanks Mark

Go to www.yamaha-motor.com after 9pm tonight I think they are on there.

yellow would be sick...

2 hours, 5 minutes, and counting......

Yep.Yellow and blue.I cant decide.

BTW 1hr 5 minutes.


Good to see I'm not the only goofball up waiting... ;-)

11:00 according to my clock and i'm not seeing an updated page yet

damn.. guess it took till 11:01

Ahhhhh Aluminum!!!! Muhahahahahahhahaa

they still list it as 220 lbs dry.. thats what my 04 model was rated at when i got it


Ouch. $200 more for yellow?

Looks sweet.

I noticed only a few minor changes on the WR250F... looks like they added a enduro computer and made it California-Green, which means we'll be needing a Lowedog AIS removal kit and a JD kit to get the adjustable needle back.

No aluminum frame for WR.

note the color of the clamps, some sort of coating????

they still list it as 220 lbs dry.. thats what my 04 model was rated at when i got it

Don't believe the spec's page.....it still lists it as a 4 speed, which is contradicted in the Features and Benefits page...

New for 2006:

* New, close-ratio five-speed transmission provides more performance in a wider range of riding environments.

* All-new aluminum frame is an extensively tested combination of castings, extrusions, forgings and aluminum tubing — all carefully put together to produce a chassis that takes legendary YZ handling to the next level.

* Speed-Sensitive System 48mm Kayaba fork move the TCV (transfer control valves) above the fork springs, so that damping force is now controlled by piston speed; that prevents mid-stroke damping force changes, for a smoother, more precise ride.

* Titanium-sprung four-way adjustable rear shock rod diameter is 2mm bigger. New, Kashima coating reduces friction for fantastic compliance and great handling.

* Carburetion and exhaust changes let the 449cc four-stroke breathe free for even greater power production.

* Changing the cylinder head angle and moving the dry sump oil tank inside the front of the crankcase improves overall balance and handling and eliminates external oil lines.

* Redesigned piston, crankshaft and connecting rod for increased performance and durability. An oil jet now directs oil at the piston bottom for increased cooling.

titanium spring? "Titanium-sprung four-way adjustable rear shock"

Stock ProTapers

oil tank is in front of the motor i guess molded into the case

Release Nov '05...hmm

diff CDI this year, hopefully changed for the better

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