NH Kev

Hey when is the national east meets west TT rally going to be. I still kick myself for missing Moab. I was thinking Michigan might be a good spot. Maybe regional rides could be organized? How bout this you all send me $10 and I'll say its ok to meet in Michigan and ride. Wow that was easy, now I can call myself a professional promoter.

Hows that Nissan treating you? I need a new rig as the jeep cherokee is literally falling apart and only a 99 with 70k on it. I ve been eyeing the X-t but dont know if its got enough engine in it. whats your opinion.

Just figuired I'd check in and see whats up and how all is well with you.

Whats the best thing about dating homeless girls.............................................................................................You can drop them off any where.

Pie Man,

Although I drive my new truck very little, I do like it. It is quite a stout SUV. I was told it has a longer interior than the Pathfinder, but I have my doubts. I don't think it has the larger Nissan engine. I think (now ain't that a shame...that I don't know) it has the 3.3 litre engine. I wanted a manual trans instead of the automatic. I was surprised to see the manual trans has a lower towing capacity. My guess is for clutch slippage (?)

My truck is silver. I went to get the canary yellow, which sold just before I got there. My whole family (and me too) is glad I did not get the yellow.

I am doing OK. Thanks for asking. I think I am now living one week at a time vice minute by minute. Still have doubts as what to any major decisions in life, like should I start racing MX again. OK, that is easy...it is YES!!

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