'06 wr?

does anyone have any info on the '06 wr450 yet?Will it get the aluminum frame and new motor like the yz is supposed to have? How much lighter will it be with the aluminum frame?

I currently have a well modified '02 crf450 and feel the need to buy a new bike soon, don't really like the crf450x and have been thinking about getting a ktm300exc.

Thanks for all your input! :)

No aluminum frame.

New for 2006:

* New enduro computer is trick and easy to use.

* New, two-position handlebar clamps give the aluminum Renthal bar 10mm of adjustment range.

* New compression circuitry in 48mm forks absorbs even the tiniest bumps better than ever.

* New seat foam provides more comfort.

* New reinforced swingarm provides precise handling and tracking.

Wonder if that can be put on an '05?

thats just too bad! i was really hoping to have the aluminum frame available for '06. I'll just have to wait and see what the other manufacturers do for '06, maybe i will just ride my honda another season:(

Yeah, I was hoping they'd have aluminum frames for 06 because I'm slated for a new ride in 2007 and I didn't want to have to be the guinea pig again (I bought an '03.)

I noticed the YZ450 also went to a 5-speed tranny. I guess Yamaha was tired of losing customers to Honda... :):):D

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