massive bang

I started it 2 days ago and idled for about a minute then switched off to check oil level.

later i've gone to start and no go. checked spark plug, no problem. when i kicked it again i had about 10 kicks then got off and 2 seconds later a huge firecracker sounding bang. very big bang when i was standing next to it.

any suggestions.?

have found that the fuel tap is leaking slightly but i believe it may have been doing it for a while. getting new rubber seal asap.

Sounds too rich.

Firecracker sounding bang could have been fuel igniting in the crankcase.

Most likely flooded it and/or fouled the plug. The loud bang would've been a backfire from excess fuel igniting, as someone already mentioned. Fit new plug, drain fuel bowl, turn fuel back on, pull choke out, and it should fire up. DON'T twist the throttle.....

Chris and others.

going again perfect.

couldn't get standard cr8e plug, ended up with cr9e. shop guy said it was ok.

thanks again.

funny thing, had a bonfire on sat night and had heaps of people come around with kids and bikes, about 50 people all up, and my bloody bike wouldn't go.

thought it must have been fate keeping me from having a big stack in front of everyone. just a plug.

Good stuff! :) Glad you got it sorted out.

Big Bang !!!!!

That sound's like a hooligan single cylinder , 5 valve , enduro-cross.

That's what we paid our money for !


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