Oil filter O ring

I have oil leaking from the bottom area of the oil filter cover. :)

My question is can the O ring be changed without having to drain the oil? I just changed the oil. I was thinking about laying the bike on its side and then removing the filter cover, replace the O ring.

Has anyone done this before? From now on I will make it a point to change the O ring when changing the filter.

You'll lose maybe about 1/3 cup of oil. Hell you can change the whole clutch pak with the bike on the kickstand. I'm sure you can do that too. The only oil that will spill out is what's in the filter cavity.

Try looking HERE

How bad is the leak? If it is just weeping, I would leave it until the next oil change.

Thanks for the info. I think I will lay the bike on its side and replace the o-ring. That should do it.

I was planning on replacing the o-ring at the time of oil change but the dealer was out of the part. I will have to order several of them to have on hand.

Every filter I have bought has come with an o-ring. STP, Fram, K&N all have them in the box.

jlp-While yes they come with one hardly is it ever fit for your bike. Typically they come with the ole' circle shaped one which doesn't fit a 650R. All the aftermarket brands use 1 filter across all the xr models. I just stock up on OEM ones at the beginning of the season and I'm good to go.

Last time I changed the oil, I reused the seal and it appeared to be leaking so I used brake clean and dried the case good and it's fine, it was just all the oil around the case sweating out and draining down the case when it heated up. The previous oil changes I replaced the seal but washed the bike after the mess. The oring is probably a border line case for reusing, since there was nothing in my filter or downtube screen I am going to change the filter every other oil change from now on. I did that on my XR600Rs and L with no problems. (just my 2 cents)

I have yet to change the O ring while changing oil, But everything I'm reading I'm going to get a few before the next oil change....... :)

I do it once per season frank, just to be safe. They swell up after removal. If you're in a jam and the oring swells chuck it in the freezer for about 5 minutes. It should reduce back.

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