The 2006 WR450f is here..

...The 05 WR got more praise than ever from Dirtrider,Dirt Bike and especially Cycle World where they ranked it ahead of all the bikes in its class. Dirt Bike rated the bike second to the KTM... No bad Yamaha... :):D

...and the mag(s) that praised the 05 WR did not do all of the "Free Mods" (which is a must to really compare the WR to KTM or the Honda X) -- thus the WR was handicapped and still did excellent. :)


And lastly, when Stefan Everts can enter his first ISDE and win the overall on a stock WR450, the bike is surely "Good enough for you"... :)

That dude could have placed on a Trailway 200. I'm sure the bike was bone stock too. :)

I forgot to add the decrease in fuel tank size for the last 3 years was also one of my favorite Yamaha "improvements."

LOL haaa haa ha, Dan I had to get one more shot in before I quit. :D

I'll give it to ya.... :):):D

I don't get the focus on aluminum frames; Honda's much-awaited 450X is heavier than the 05 WR450 -- and was generally a disappointment. Elton


The Honda seems very well received by media and riders alike from what I've seen, being a top pick (along with the KTM) in overall performance at the Dirt Rider 24 hr multi bike 450 comparison, and preferred by far to the KTM when comfort was factored in. It's how the Honda carries it's weight that helped it, and how the Yamaha carries its weight that has hurt it, in the past at least... even being comparied unfavorably to the XR650R in one comparison last year, nevermind the 450's!

Still, the WR is improved and right there with them. I think it was done a disservice however, with the 2005 changes overlooked in the wake of the new 450X. Funny though, when reading what maintenance was done to the bikes (oil changes, oil added, valves adjusted) you had to look carefully... as it was never really mentioned what bike nothing was done to! Guess which one that was? :)

Alot of the reason for the price increase is probably due to the ever rising cost of raw materials..steel is way up. yamaha wont cover the cost..the consumer will .

The dollar has also fallen in value against the yen.

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