Pics From Yesterdays GNCC

wow. that looks like allot of fun. i wish there where "real" off-road races around here.....

I bought the Lonestar DVD off the gncc website and man, those guys are lightning fast!

The DVD's are really good, they have one for each race, well over an hour or so of footage. They show the am and pm races seperate. I watched the a.m. guys (b/c/ level) and then the pros and you can really tell the difference.

So what was the strategy for that tree-trunk section?! Other than crashing in the mud of course :-)

The logs were too close together to jump them with speed so it looked like you had to pop over each one of them individually.

How were the fast guys doing it?


I know how I was doing the log section. VERY carefully!! This was my first race back after knee surgery and it was scary for me. Great track though. Even though I was really only going for a 3 hour trail ride. Trying to stay in the top 10 in points in my class and all.

FYI.... On the DVDs the am race is ONLY "C" riders. A,B and AA (pro) all race in the PM race.

Thanks for that album! Those were some great pics. Too bad you didn't get any of me though. :) LOL

I have a lot more pics. What number are you? What class do you run? I used to run all the GNCC's too but had to give it up.

More FYI..... The condensed (1/2 hour) GNCC coverage is on OLN 3 times a week. They are alternating weeks between quad races and bikes. Quads will be on this week.

As for the logs, most of the pros were jumping at least some of them. You can see more pics if you go to Click on the link for GNCC store and you can preview pics from an outside vendor that takes pics of all the racers.

David.....I have tried to PM you back but there's something up with the site. Guess it crashed yesterday or something and isn't back up to speed yet. I'll get back to you later.


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