2003 wr 450 gas tank

Hi, does anybody know the stock capacity of a 2003 wr450 gas tank? I am going larger but i would like to know how much i am gaining by going with clarke at 2.8, ims at 3.1 or acerbis 3.3. Also does anybody know anything about the gytr tank? And finally, any experience, or even complaints with certain tanks would be helpful. Thanks!

Im pretty sure stock on the 03 is 2.6gal. I had heard good things about the GYTR tank. If you do a search im sure you will come up with plenty of info to support that. Cya Stinson

I have a clarke 2.8 in black. I couldnt be happier. It was shipped quickly and arrived quickly as well. Quality is outstanding and looks are awesome. Plus I like the "sweeping" rise it has like the older WR's. There is a pic of it in the pics and vids forum.

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