Photos of CRF450R forked XR650R

Can some of you guys post some photos of the CRF forked XR please?

Also to those in the know can you retain the odometer drive system?

what exactly from a wheel perspective can be retained - can the XR axle be mde to fit the CRF forks or is that not the way to go?

Whats the go?


Send me your email address. I will try to post some to my website. My email address is houk27 at

I went the hole shameel route. I used the wheel forks and triples from the crf 450. The hub is different so you can't use that unless you relace the xre wheel for the crf hub. Try this link it will help:

Or look up crf fork in this forum. It is under Xr 650 inverted fork.

I used a Trailtech computer for speed. The 450R does not have a speedo so fitting the one up from the Xr may be hard. I hope that helps. Tony

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