hot pipe?

I have a yz426 with a 450 bigbore. One thing i noticed is the pipe will glow right where it bolts up to the engine if the bike is idle for too long. I'm running 1 gal. of 110 and 4 gal. of 93. i don't know if the fuel is just too hot or if something is wrong.


They all do that. I use the pipe on my 426 to light my smokes when Im out riding. :)

it shouldnt glow too much - thats usually a sign that the jetting is too lean and thats not a good thing for the engine. Play around with the jetting and richen it up a bit, the glow should almost go away and the bike will have more power as well!

Do a search on that subject and you'll find all the info. you will need.

Did you know that the timing retards in neutral, too?

Every single stinkin' one of these bikes will run the header at least cherry red if left idle more than a minute or so. In about another 30 seconds, they'll boil over, too. 'Just the way it is.

It looks cool at night though.

Thanks for clearing that up :)

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