ICO Checkmate Installation Help

Just got my new checkmate computer. Any pics or help on installing the cable and magnet at the wheel on a 2005 WR450?

I bought a trailtech magnet that replaces one of the rotor bolts. And for the sensor mount i trimmed it to fit. I'll see if i can get you a picture. :)

I'll be getting this brp mount for the handle bars. I saw it at the WCTTR and it is pretty trick. :)

I snapped some pictures. Sorry for the quality but my camera was dying :)

This is the shape i trimmed it to. It is mainly this way to clear the 2003 fork guards the 05 may not need as much trimming.


Here is how it would look mounted on the fork.


I have it bent so it is just about touching the fork guard. It has lasted for 2 years of abuse. For the sensor wire i taped it down the brake line to the hose clamp. From there i use 3 small zip ties and zip tie it the rest of the way.

Hope this helps:cheers:


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