Xr650 Oil In The Airbox!!!

I Have An '00 Xr650r That I Just Proudly Finished Installing A Jet Kit This Weekend. Dramatic Increase In Power!!!! Thank You Guys! I Also Installed A New No Toil Oil Filter As Well. I Was Proudly Cruising My Neighborhood For A Good 20-30 Minutes Kinda Showing Off When I Decided To Park And Have A Smoke. I Noticed That Engine Oil Was Dripping Heavily From The Airbox Through The Left Side Cover. I Immediately Removed The Cover And Found My Air Filter Getting Sucked In The Airbox. It Was Saturated With Black Engine Oil. I Checked Oil Dipstick Unseated And It Was Between Low And Max. My Question Is. Did I Have Too Much Oil In The Filter? Blew A Seal Somewhere? Did I Do Any Damage To The Engine Or Carb, And Lastly Can I Try To Crank It After Installing A New Air Filter And See If Airbox Floods With Oil. Thanks For Your Help!

This happens allot. It sounds like you over filled your engine oil. It is not easy to get the idea of checking the oil on the XR650R. It is a dry sump engine and the oil level is not right for some time. The engine has to run for over five minutes to get the right oil level. If you check it cold or before a ride around the block you will get a low read and add oil. This is bad. Oil catching it with oil coming out of the air box is good, waiting and blowing a counter shaft seal is bad. You are blowing the extra oil out the case vent tube into the air cleaner box and it's dripping out. Drain all you oil see how much you have from the frame (there is a drain plug up front on the frame) and the engine (there is a plug on the shifter side of the engine) only 1700cc should come out if more then that comes out you found you problem.

Great links about your XR650R :)



Thanks For The Quick Response. I Haven't Canged My Oil Just Yet In The Past 3 Months. I Do Check Oil Level When It Has Been Running For At Least 15 Minutes. I'm Postive It's Not The Oil Level. Output Shaft Oil Seal? Where Is That Located And How Does Oil Travel To The Airbox? I Guess Via The Crankcase Vent Hose... I Must Have It Pinched Somewhere. I Will Know More In The Morning. Do I Need To Take The Carbs Apart Again? Any Possible Damage To The Engine As A Result From The Oil In The Airbox And Intake Manifold? Thanks Again!

no damage if it is oil from you air filter or crank case but, if it is from you crank case you need to find out why. The counter shaft seal is the seal behing you front sprocket $5 part.

Try cleaning out the mess in the air box clean and dry the filter ride it around, not in the dirt and see if it shows up anymore, if not reoil the filter but don't saturate it, if it can't get air it could try to suck it from the crankcase. my 2 cents

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