what's best clutch stock or aftermarket

just like to get some input. trying to find the best clutch to use . stock honda or after market. any input would be helpful

Run your stock til it's worn out. Then put in an aftermarket like Hinson or Barnette.

I put an EBC set of fiber discs on my XL600. Blecht!!! It changes the settings when it gets hot. I will only buy stock plates anymore.

I've gone with Barnett twice with my bike. After replacing the basket this season with a hinson it's not "grabby" anymore. The stock basket could have the slightest groove and the plates would get caught on it. Granted swapping a basket is not a fun job but it's well worth it.

Stock parts but not the stock configuration, take out everything to the basket and replace with 7 fibers and 6 steel. You won't believe how much stronger the motor pulls.

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