xr650l quietest exhaust?

Im finally looking into a new silencer for my bike. Does anyone know what is the quietest, best quality slip on out there? How much do these things really change jetting? Im in the middle of getting my bike running right after all the engine mods and still have a little hickup about 1/2-3/4 throttle in higher gears. Will it make my bike run leaner or richer than it is now with the stock silencer? What jet (pilot or main) with different exhaust makes the most difference? Thanks for any help!!! :)


with your cam, headpipe, and filter you are letting more air in...but not out.

I would go with a FMFQ2, or the White Brothers E-Series S Bend and add the Quiet Core insert to lower the noise by 6db more.

I run a Supertrapp IDS2 'quiet core" ... I run 8 discs, (the booklet says anything more than 6 doesn't matter, if you have the 'quiet core') ... I can barely hear a difference compared to the stock baffled muffler ... maybe will be louder in time, not sure ... but, great quality construction, looks good, adds a little power, and although its no lightweight, its a helluva lot lighter than the stocker ... cheap, too, compared to most pipes :)

P.S .... yes, you are almost assuredly going to need richer jetting ... in Keihin jets, a 55 pilot, and 158 mainjet should get you close ... it always takes a little experimenting to get it just right

Alright, I checked the FMF Q2 out again and it looks like a great silencer and deffinetly what I want to go for. Well the only thing stopping me on this one is the price, $379.99!! The IDS2 Quiet core looks like a decent product too and only comes in at $252. I know I need to open the exhaust up to let the engine breath but these prices are just rediculas! I mean its for a motorcycle and they chage how much?!? Sorry about my rant, anywho... Do the FMF's ever have any problems with lossing there packing or anything like that? I assume both of these would be a great improvement vs the stocker but how much better, noticalbe? Thanks again guys, I know this will help me make up my mind!!


Sorry for posting again, the edit doesnt seem to be working. I just had one more thing, will either of these 2 mufflers change the way the bike sounds? You know from the hollow sounding stock junk sound to maybe a deeper thumper sound? Thanks again!!!


Yes, the WB E-Series has a much stronger and deeper thump to it. You gotta love it !

I'm running the FMF "Q". It is louder than the stock and much deeper sounding. The Q is quieter than a true open exhaust but will smooth out the torque curve. The price is steep but The power it makes is worth it in my book. I did do a repack last year and the packing did not look too bad but the repack did quiet it back down a little. The Q uses what they call, a pillow packing, which is all the packing in a pillow looking pouch. It does not "blow out" like the old wrapped pipes but does get old with time. The harder you run it the sooner you will need to repack for sound reasons. Also the 1.5" turn down on the Q is a must for a quieter pipe. It comes with a power core IV 2" tip and will not meet the 96 db AMA requirement on dual sport rides. The 1.5" will lower it about 1 or so db's.


Thanks for all the great info everyone! I'm pretty sure that the Q and Q2 are different models, the Q2 being the "quiet" one or so they say but its good to here about the Q too. I was first looking at that one until i looked and say that the Q2 was about 93 db's for most bikes. Whats all involved in repacking the silencer? No drilling off rivets or anything I hope... Please let me know, oh and who did you buy your FMF through?



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