01 YZ426 White Bros E to FMF PC4 "Q", jetting?

Hey, my White Bros. E-Series rated at 106.4 dbA, so as per the law (after I got a ticket at Gorman), I had to quiet it down. I dropped $300 on an FMF Powercore IV "Q" pipe from Apex Motosports (highly recommended as an online dealer, the guys there are very friendly, and they have great prices, free shipping, no tax).

Anyways, the bike (01 YZ426) starts, and idles and revs fine, but it's a bit harder to start than it was with the White Bros. Also, it smelled a bit and was smoking (very light white smoke) a small amount from the muffler, is that just because it is brand new? It smells kind of like when you burn in a new oven.

Also, what do you recommend for my jetting? Does it sound like it's too rich or too lean? What can I do to jet it right, I don't know crap about jets.

y didn't u just remove some of the rings around the exhaust!? :)

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