How to fix the spinning subframe insert problem.

I bought a used XR650R. Tonight while trying to remove the rear fender, I found one of the bolts just spinning with its insert, so I can't remove it. It appears to be quite stuck, I tried turning it with vice grips while pulling it out really hard, hoping the insert would have enough friction to stay put, but that didn't work.

I'm looking for ideas, but I think at this point I need to cut the bolt head off and then either replace the subframe or try to do some kind of repair to it. Is there any "standard" fix out there for this problem, or do I need to cough up for a new subframe?

The rear fender on these things is atrocious. My bolts come loose all the time and the top left is starting to strip out. I believe it's do to the added weight of blinkers, plate and lights etc. Try jamming a screwdriver from the top and holding the insert while hitting it with an impact wrench. That's how I got mine off. Good luck. Or just drill the bolt and buy new inserts.

Try what Tim said,Or just cut the bolt off and drill out the remaining bolt if it doesn't thread out after cutting the head of it off, You won't have to replace the subframe.. You can reinstall a new nutsert after removing the old one..

Where is a good source for new inserts ? Is this a hardware store kind of item?

I bought spares from honda. Got the part #'s from service honda. They're a bugger to get out.

I had the same problem. My solution was to cut a slit in the fender and slide it off the bolt. When it came time to put the fender back on, I just slid it back over the bolt. In combination with the other mounting points, this keeps the fender solidly in place.

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