Does wieght matter?

Here's an odd question. I went riding with a friend (who is quite the beginner), and he rides an 04 xr650 which just beats the living crap out of him. Then he rode my 05 wr450 and he fell in love. "UNBELIEVABLE" he says in the difference in performance and handling. So he's gonna go buy one. My question is, is he too big? He is 6'8" and 300lbs!! :) He thought the xr650 would be a good bike for him because of the size, but he has a hard time starting it and it's not a good bike for trails. Any advise? Forgive for saying this, but I thought a big KTM with an electric start should be considered. :)

He's a biggun alright! The KTM 525 should be considered as well but, at least he knows what he is missing!

He'll definitely need to respring either bike. That would make the biggest difference. Happy trails!

He'll definitely need to respring either bike. That would make the biggest difference. Happy trails!

Well, he's not very ambitious when it comes to mods. Do you think he's too heavy for a stock wr? Thanks in advance for all of the help.

My question is, is he too big? He is 6'8" and almost 400lbs!! :)

I'll try to answer this for ya. I'm 6'7" 285lbs.

My friends used to laugh at me because I'd make my XR600 (96) look like a PW50. I also had (2) KTM 620's Then the Cannondale 440. That is how I got my name "Conan 'dale" because my buddy told me I was like Conan the Barbarian because I make everything look small, they started calling me Conan_'dale. :D

I now ride and love the WR400. The 'dale and WR are quite similar in what they do and how they do it. Pro's an cons for each. I raised my rear spring and that helped a lot. :) If your friend is 400 lbs soaking wet + gear he will definately want to set up the suspension for him. On the 'dale the Ohlins suspension was perfect for me but others felt it was way to stiff.

I would recommend the WR 450 with modified suspension. Ditch the XR650 unless he is going to ride in the desert and I'd probably prefer the 525.

Hey Conan 'Dale. Did you modify the stock suspension or go with some after market goodies?

I meant to say...Did you MEAN modify the stock or BLAH BLAH. TT is having probs and I couldn't edit !!!

He's going to need heavier springs, for sure. If you go to you can see the recommended spring weight for his size and the style of riding he intends to do. The stock spring is set up for a 180 pound rider. Race sag should be set for the best performance from the bike.

not trying to snake this post, but im 265 and i got a 05wr450, what can be done to the rear stock suspension to help me out? as soon as i get the cash it will be done thru race tech.

ONCE AGAIN!!! If you are over 180 pounds you NEED a heavier spring!

calm down fella, im not a pro hear, now lets try this again, i dont have money right now, can i tighten the hell out of my spring with a spanner wrench to help or something else, with out purchasing a new spring. but in the future i will buy one.


At 400 lbs he really needs a different bike. The WR450 is not designed to handle a WWF wrestler! I think the XR650 is still his best choice with suspension and jetting work! :)

He'll definitely need to respring either bike. That would make the biggest difference. Happy trails!

That's fo sho....

As far as the what bike to get, just because the guy's big and heavy doesn't mean he has to ride a big and heavy bike.. If the guy's not into spending money on aftermarket suspension parts let him ride a poor suspended stock bike and let him suffer..... :) Like others have said, he'll have to respring any stock bike. What a shame not to get the suspension right for your weight..

I have an 05 525 exc and its almost set up perfect for me at 175#. My bro weighs about 260 and when he sat on it squated like a bitch.

Well after reading all of the info that you guy's have posted about the suspension, what about power?? Do you think his weight will hurt anything or even shorten the engine life of a WR?

Sounds to me like he already has the right bike. Ditch the stock XR carb for an Edelbrock and the starting problems will be gone. Get the suspension set up and he'll be in business. The XR650R is a great bike for a big guy. I'm 6' 210 and I threw it around pretty well in tight hare scrambles out here in the east. At 6'8" 400 lbs. he should be able to toss it around like a BMX bicycle.

Yeah, but he's not like that. He's just a beginner and all he does is put wth the family.

He rode mine and now he's gotta have one. :)

If he loved your bike then he will be happy. If the guy wants a WR to putt around on then so be it. He can tighten the spring up as much as he can and just ride and have fun. With time he'll probably start doing some mods but then again he might not. I'm sure the bike has plenty of power for him plus it starts easily with a button :).

A friend of me rides the EXC 525 and is about 6'5" 320 or so and his suspension is bone stock. He tightened the spring up and just rides. He knows he needs stiffer springs but doesn't want to spend the money. The guy rails on that bike! Throws it around like a mini bike and has a blast.


Right on dude...thanks. :)

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