Does wieght matter?

If it matters! Im 6'4" @ 245. I have the 05 WR450. I did the some mods and helped. I definitely would do the suspension. It made one hell of a difference. I went up one size in front and two in rear. I have the fastway pegs in the lowboy position. It made a big difference. Next is exhaust. Try new suspension with a lighter bike. Im shedding some unwanted pounds to help. We wear all that gear. It makes a difference

calm down fella, im not a pro hear, now lets try this again, i dont have money right now, can i tighten the hell out of my spring with a spanner wrench to help or something else, with out purchasing a new spring. but in the future i will buy one.


Yeah, you can tighten it down but then you are not going to get the proper function from the spring. It will be wound too tight and not handle properly.

Sorry for the snap. I just get aggravated when people don't read the previous parts of the thread so that they can follow previous advice.

Hey Conan 'Dale. Did you modify the stock suspension or go with some after market goodies?


I did not modify anything. I simply raised the height of my rear spring which helped with the sag and seat height. It also stiffened the suspension up some. The bike is new to me so I've only been around the property a couple times but I did notice a difference and liked it. I suspect after this riding season I will look to have the whole suspension revalved w/ a stiffer spring. I am happy with it even if I don't change anything :)

He's going to need heavier springs, for sure. If you go to you can see the recommended spring weight for his size and the style of riding he intends to do. The stock spring is set up for a 180 pound rider. Race sag should be set for the best performance from the bike.

It looks like he would benefit from the "Type 2" valves :)

I think that the XR650 would be a good bike once he get familiar with it. Starting it takes some skill, not strength. I weigh 150lbs and am 6'1", yes I am pretty skinny. I ride a XR650 and am pretty competitive with my friends who are stronger than me and on much lighter bikes. I just have been riding a little longer. Baja designs makes a electric start kit for that bike if he is having probs starting. I can start mine first kick every time, because I have the correct technique. I have skinny bird legs and I can start it no prob.

Hey Joshbeene. I sent you a pm, but I'll ask the same ? here. What is your technique for starting the xr??? :)

Wow, they make springs for guys that big!!

i've got a 6.6 spring like new at half cost. $50 shipped, it'll fit 03-05 yz/wr :)

i've got a 6.6 spring like new at half cost. $50 shipped, it'll fit 03-05 yz/wr :)

pm me with your E address. He'll consider that...thanx :)

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