Will the WR petcock fit into a YZ tank?

I bought a YZF tank and seat for my WR and I was thinking I'd be all set to go when they got here, but then I had that horrible after thought! Would the WR petcock fit in the YZF tank? Does any oneknow for sure?, so I can get one asap before they get here.


I know the WR400/426 fuel taps fit in the YZF tanks for sure, because i've done it, not sure about the 450's though? :) I'd assume that most likely they probably would. What bike do you have?

98 WR 400, all the free mods, uncorked. Just got it this spring, pretty happy with it.

I probably should have just bought a YZ in the first place. But it seems to suit my riding just fine.

Your original WR fuel tap will go straight in then. :) I'm in the same boat as you. Bought a WR426, and slowly but surely, have pretty much converted it to a YZ. It's much more practical for me though, especially 'cos it's road registered. BTW, you'll love your new YZ seat/tank, it's one of the best mod's i've done. :)

That's cool. I came off of a 95 KX 250, and loved that bike but wanted to get into a 4-stroke and I paid $1500 for the WR, and sold the KX for $1700. Made the wife happy, but now I'm spending money on the WR. You know how it is when you get something new, "You have to accessorize"

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