2002 Wr426 Gearbox noise?

Hi iv recently bought a wr426 2002 its done about 5000km

i was out riding it 2day and noticed that wen accelerating from low revs there is a strange sort of grinding noise, it sounds like its coming from the gear box, it doesnt make it in mid- high rpm just seems 2 b wen u accelerate from low rpm.

i havnt owned a wr b4 and dont know if this is normal?

i changed the oil and filter a week ago and there was no sign of any metal.

do i need 2 strip down the gearbox and investigate?

how easy is it 2 do?

i searched the forum but cudnt see any similar articles!

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you.

i believe ur chain slider has worn out n ur drive chain is hitting ur swingarm..check ur swingarm chain slider..it cud crack ur swingarm if u continue riding wif a worn out chain slider..

Thanx guys iv just checked and it is that! Thank you all 4 ur help!


no worries mate.... :)

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