BajaDesigns switch + hot start clearance

Just finished installing my BajaDesigns switch and wired it to control kill, horn, hi-lo headlight, and taillight. It all works pretty cool (with a few $ in parts from AutoZone).

Now I need to figure out what to do with the hot start lever since it lays right over the kill button! I've tried a few things like flipping it over so it points back instead of forward - dumb. I flipped the bracket upside down and mounted it under the handlebars - still dumb.

Handlebar space is at a premium so I don't want to just slide the hot start/clutch bracket further away from the switch. Some type of spacer or remounting plate seems like the right answer. Does anyone have any pictures of what they have done?



I have a Dr D hot start on mine. It's on the R/H side, so it's away from the Baja Designs switch.

Unfortunately cgun I think you have exhausted all the options. I too have the Baja Designs kit and have just learned to live with it. I stand most of the time when riding, so I angle my clutch and brake lever downward more than normal. I position the Baja Designs (piece of) switch so that the hot start lever just clears the kill switch when pulled in. The location of the kill switch button on the switch assembly is awkward to get to, but you can still operate the turn signal switch and light switch reasonably easy. In an emergency I'm not confident the thing will work. You'd probably have better luck reaching for the stock on/off button. I found that the switch loads up with dust over time and the contacts get intermittent - it needs to be taken apart periodically and cleaned out. It is a cheaply constructed piece of junk and not well suited for its purpose. Needless to say, I will not be buying any Baja Designs stuff in the future.

I bought the K&S switch and it firs perfectly. Check out "my garage" and then click on the "WR", I have several picts, one is witht he switch. No trouble with the hot start at all. I also wired kill plus lo and high beam.


I moved the hotstart lever over to the front brake perch on my 03 450 because I needed to mount a mirror mount on the clutch perch. They both work great. Hot start on right makes it harder to twist the throttle when pushing the button. :)


Thanks to all for the replies. I had looked at the K&S switch, but I wanted horn and turn signals as well. The K&S with those functions eats up a lot of handler bar real estate. My handle bar mount GPS doesn't leave me much extra room.

I hadn't thought about moving the hot start to the throttle side. I'll take a look at that.

Thanks again!


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