Air cooled XR's?

What was the last year of the air cooled XR600's? Any years that should be avoided? I know the XRL is still air cooled but i need something much more dirt worthy. So i plan to dual-sport an XR.

The last year they made an XR600R was 2000.

last year of the xr600 was 2000.

The last year they made an XR600R was 2000.


Snicker snicker. Engine is de-tuned a little, but an XRL is an XR600R with added street crap.

You can get 15-20lbs of the weight off, if you really work at it.

If you're not too small, XRL goes off-road just fine.


I had a 86, 93, 97 Xr600Rs never had any problems all were dual sported, geared taller for hi way helps reduce the heat cruising over 70 mph. The 97 seemed to be the easiest starting, but all were good if jetted correctly.

That picture is of a 2000 XR600, not 2001 as the information would misguide you to believe.

I still ride an 87. The bike still runs hard.

I think in 96 they went to the bigger carb and in 99 they added smog or detuned the thing in Cailf. I had a 97 and the bike ran strong once it was jetted right. I would say get a 96-98 XR600.

My plan is to get a dirt only 4-stroke and make it street legal and do whatever mods needed. I will ride it for the next few years locally and on some semi-long distance trail rides. Then maybe a quick rebuild. I ultimatley plan to take a year off of work and use the bike to do some adventure rideing through the US,Canada, and maybe Mexico.

So i need a bike with a frame strong enough to hold my gear. A engine that is simple (air cooled) and above all reliable. Parts need to be readily available.

Do you think the XR is the best choice? Or go DR or ????

xr's rule the earth!!!

if you truly plan on keeping the same bike for years, and you plan a long trip like that, you probably need to start out with a large dual-sport, street-legal, dirt-worthy bike ... the Honda XR650L is probably your bike of choice ... the Kaw KLRs are better on the road, but a turd in the dirt ... the KTM Adventure bikes are well-designed, fast, but have reliablity that wont approach that of the Honda ... the Suzuki DR650 is an outstanding dual-sport, dependable as a hammer, better on the road than the Honda, and not bad in the dirt, lacks the suspension of the Honda XR though, and the parts availibility if you wind up broken down in a foreign jungle ... RIDE RED !

last year of the xr600 was 2000.


and there are no particular years to avoid.

The only carb changes Honda made to the XR6 was the change from the dual carbs to the single 38mm for 1988. Other than that the jetting was changed for the 1991 model year when the airbox carb boot was changed to allow for the larger rear shock. No changes were made after this. I would say the XR600 got gradually better over the years as it VERY gradually recieved updates to the suspension,brakes, single carb and graphics changes every year (wow!!) so dont avoid a particular model, buy latest one in the best condition you can afford.

The XR6 is a great bike. But the dual carb version is the one to avoid.

The XR6 is notorious for cracked frames-so take a close look before you buy.

I noticed the welds looked like someone spray painted over bird shit after I purchased my 05'. :)

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