05 WR450; Hows it goin

So, Just out of curosity, you guys want to share your 05's history, such as: Milage so far, problems, broken parts, learned tricks ect... :)


I got almost 800 miles, won 1 trophy on it so far, changed the oil/filter, air filter, cleaned the fork seals, a gazillion times, adjusted the valves, checked the oil strainer twice and it was clean both times.

I've bent the rear brake rotor (the plastic guard sucks) but was able to straighten it with a crescent wrench, one flat tire (without HD tubes), shredded the stock tires ( replaced w/ Maxxis Dersert IT's).

So Far, I love the bike and the electric start works everytime no problem. :)

1200+ miles, 2nd front and 3rd rear tire worn out and need replaced, valves still in spec, replaced brake pads F/R. Problem free except for the starter button falling off.

Oh Ya, My kill switch button fell out in my hand, and I was able to put it back together :)

Perfection..... I did bend my shift shaft a while back. I was in this real deep rut and my BPR chain guide temporarily bent in derailing my chain and sent it flying into my shift shaft, at first I thought I just bent the shifter but a closer look showed me that the shaft is bent down big time... I've been riding it that way.. I'll fix it soon enough.. Other than that I lost a starter button.. No leaky fork seals thanks to the SealSavers. It runs like the day I got it, valves are in spec.. I have maybe 2000 miles on it so far. I've now switched over to Motul Synthetic oil and I'm very happy with it.. I also bought the quit cap for my GYT-R pipe and I'm real happy with it, I like being quiet most of the time. I'm extremely please with the carburetion on the bike and feel that I've reached the ultimate jetting for the bike and my elevation. The throttle response is wicked fast... All of my specs are in the jetting database feel free to take a look sometime...

Dan :)

Couple hundred miles, no problems. My starter made some strange noises the other weekend but since then it's been flawless. I keep it clean, lubed and well maintained. One of the best bikes I've owned. Crushed a radiator with a tree (no guards), everything else has been holding up to the abuse. I do think I'll change the tires to something better and also, protaper bars and a steering dampner are on the to-do list.

400 miles on the bike with no real problems other than the ones I created myself. Took a while to get the jetting right, but I'm dialed in now. Just shredded my front tire, but the new D756 and Bridgestone UHD tubes that just showed up in the little brown truck ought to take care of that. Other than that, this is the best dirt bike I've owned...SC

12 desert races 4 new front tires and 7 rear and still rips :)

97 miles and one broken wrist. Haven't ridden (other than around the block) for two months. :)

The bike seems fine, though.

475 miles with no problems at all, almost all harescramble miles. All the mods are done and they were easy to do. Great to have this site to share info!!!


I've got about 600 miles on mine. With one 260 mile weekend in the desert... I've changed the oil and filter three times, checked the screen twice-nothing in it so far. Re-jetted with the JD kit. Done the free mods, installed a PMB exhaust tip. AIS removed. I managed to route the radiator tank overflow improperly when I pulled the carb and it melted on the exhaust. Start button is a POS. Mine pooped out and I've heard this happens to lots of people. Now I've got two wires that I pinch together until I find a replacement button. 756 front tire. Still on stock rear, but it's in need of replacement. Installed heavy duty tubes. I tried to change to a 52 tooth rear sprocket, but discovered the stock chain was too short! Tank graphics are comming off at the front of the seat. I'm going to check the valves for the first time next week...I'm scared. (way tougher than on my ol' XR400) Replaced front fender with UFO; (good color match) opperator error!

Zip Ty rear shark fin (good, but does not allow use of a caliper guard)

Scott Damper w/ triple clamp and CR Hi Bars. (Love 'em. I did have to do a lot of weld grinding on the head tube to get the collar to fit flush with the top race)

Cycra Probend handguards with triple clamp mounts (Great, a little long to install compared to Acerbis I used to have)

Renthal dual compound grips...comfy, but good for only about 100 miles. Soft is too soft for me!

MSR skid plate (great fit, easy install and good access to drain plugs, but not screen line without removal)

Works frame guards (don't do much from what I can tell. Too short to protect the frame tubes above a couple inches over the swingarm pivot...they look cool)

Unabiker Rad guards, are very good.

I'm going to try some ProGrip gripper pads on the air box and at the back of the tank. The gripper seat is good. I just want more grip at knee level when standing.

Next thing? Suspenson, Pipe, big tank...

Overall I'm happy with my WR. It's a bit of a work out in super-tight stuff. In medium to high-speed stuff it's awesome :)

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