Oil Brands?

I have a 05 WR450F. Has anyone tried products from " Amsoil" I have been looking at their products. What is the oil like for my bike, filters, etc. Let me know. :) I do a lot of offroad racing.

We use about all the AMSOIL products for our CRF250R. We run with about 12 racers who all use AMSOIL. Check your pm.

I use Amsoil in all my engines, cars, boat, street bike. I haven't made the switch in my WR yet as it's still too new (400 miles). I've got one more load of non-synthetic to go, and then the Amsoil goes in...SC

Do you really need to put 400 miles on with regular oil? I thought 200 miles or so would be good.

I'm a stickler when it comes to my personal break-in procedure. 500 miles is my benchmark, eliminating all doubt. It helps me sleep better at night knowing I've seated the rings properly:snore: ...SC

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