Should there be a front pad locating clip?

Hey guys

Can someone have a look at where the pads sit in thier carrier, opposite end to where the long bolt goes through them please and see if they sit in a kind of anti rattle clip (best description I can come up with). My pads (2002 WR426) just sit directly into the carrier (metal to alloy) and are not very secure, the ends of the pads are too small for the recess in the carrier and fall out if provoked. I've looked in the manual and the local bike shop looked it up on the microfiche but the clip I thought I needed doesn't seem to be listed! I have the clip on the top of the carrier to push the pads towards the axle when installed.

Thanks in advance



YES, there is a stainless steel location clip at the opposite end of the pad location pin. This is essential to prevent pad to caliper wear.

As this part is not listed as spare from known sources, your best bet is to speak to a UK Nissin agent for assistance or source one second hand.

Hope this helps....


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