Yamaha XT 350?

Yes I know this is WR forums, but I was hoping some of you fellow Yami riders in here might have some input for me on an XT 350. (seeing as there is no forum for them)

I bought a '96 XT 350 for my younger brother yesterday. He has wanted a bike forever. He's getting married this fall and is saving $$ for their honeymoon and a new vehicle. So I got a pretty good deal on a friend's XT. ($1,500) Just something basic for him to bomb around trails with me.

My question is are there any mods, tricks, tips that any of you might know about these bikes? Anything that's a must have for it? I know they are a pretty simple air cooled motor, but I'm sure we can get a little more juice out of it.

Also curious to things that maybe we shouldn't tinker with or change. Help a brother out! :)

I think there are a few guys kicking around the vintage thumper forum that could help you out, I recall reading a few threads about XT350s there. Have you had a look there?

Another place to check is the Dual Sport forum. I recall several XT350 threads in there also.

Thanks guys. I might just sick little bro on it anyway. It's his bike now afterall. :)

the TT350's (same motor) had a restriuctor in the secondary inlet manifold, enter the die grinder :)

The exhaust is pretty restrictive, but thats about it.

Our 250 has a bit of headwork and an 1mm over piston and gets along pretty good :D Dis I mention a new rod kit, main bearings, cylinder head ???? The projects we get ourselves into :)

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