Keep it or flog it? what do you think

Had to leave my bike into the shop for big engine work.

Got the list of what’s wrong with it back and I can't make up my mind what do to.

First the big end is gone; price I got back for a big end kit was 295euro

Next were 4th and 5th gear and the selector

4th gear priced @ 131 euro 5th 165 euro and the selector is 103

Plus the clutch cover is 25 euro and the ignition cover is 25 and the top end gasket kit is 40euro and I still have to find out how much the wiseco piston is.

Going to cost about 800euro for the parts listed and im only guessing around another 200 for the piston

So 1000 plus what ever price the guy doing the work is going to charge!!

Can anyone get me better prices keeping in mind that I have family in the USA and getting stuff from there is not a problem as the sister is coming home in the next month or so

What will I do scrap it or KEEP it!!!

I really love this bike but I reckon its costing to much what do you think?

Part it out on ebay and take that money and the money you would have spent and get a XR650R, you will like the upgrade, that's my 2 cents

yaeh, sell all the parts (wheels, frame, bars, forks, engine, anything that is in good condition) and you will get almost as much as its worth in running condition.

Break it....clean the components....flog the bits! Parts for these are like hens teeth to get hold of, so stick some ads in ebay, auto trader etc and watch the money walk to you!

I've just done similar engine work to what you need, except I'm lucky enough to have a few good mechanics as mates, plus all the advice from the guys on here, so I've saved almost all the labour costs. A 0.5mm rebore, new pro x piston and genuine honda rings cost me £195. Add the cost of the gaskets, camchain, valve stem seals and various consumables and your well into the £300 bracket!

P.s....what year is it? I might be interested in some parts....good luck!

Rebuild the bike, That way you know what you have...... :)

Unless your in the market for a new bike...... :)

Thats what i was thinking, but everyone here is tell me to flog it for parts, really love this bike but would love to find the parts cheaper on the net tho anybody know of some good website to get replacement parts?

Have already found the selector for 59 dollars, just have to get the tooth count for 4th and 5th gear and i should be able to knock some money off the price the shop gave for parts

There are 2 motors on ebay right now.What with your bottom end and gearbox broken,the whole engine comes apart.Spendy.Why not buy an engine from a breaker or private party,or Ebay?

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