Rekluse, a love/hate thing?


RE: 04 Canadian WR450

I've asked lots of questions about this clutch and I'm still sitting the fence. What I haven't asked is: Does anyone have this clutch installed on a big bore four stroke that does not like it?? Been ridding enduros for 30-years and I'm real concerned about not being able to get use to it. But with Arty settling in my left hand I may not have a choice.



In nasty terrain you cant feather the clutch as well as the Rekuse does

Harder acceleration from taller gears you cant be beat in a drag race unless the other guy is using one

Easy on arm pump


Delayed engagement (kind of like old cars with turbo lag)

No rear wheel lock up when you dont make it up the hill climb and have to get off.

engine breaking on downhills requires some throttle to engage in taller gears

one thing on the "no rear lock up when you don't make a hill" is that after a while you learn to use the motor to lock the rear, still not as good as killing it and using the clutch, but does work. just keep a little throttle on when you don't make the hill to keep the rear wheel with some tension.



Delayed engagement (kind of like old cars with turbo lag)

No rear wheel lock up when you dont make it up the hill climb and have to get off.

engine breaking on downhills requires some throttle to engage in taller gears

That's one of the reasons for having a left hand rear brake with auto clutches.

I agree that a rear hand brake would come in handy if you are racing but for trail riding I opted for the perch adapter. I like to be able to pop the clutch to get the front end up a little for ruts. water crossings etc. Also these thumpers tend to like to stall if you are trying to start out on a hill real easy and the auto clutch eliminates this. It takes some getting used to using the engine to brake coming down a hill, but not much, just a quick blip on the throttle and the clutch locks right in.

another good reason to go with the perch adjuster so you can keep your clutch is when you need to immediately chop power by pulling in the clutch, say in the case when you nearly loop out on a hill.

Failed hill climbs can be tricky with the rekluse but you really have to do something intentionally bad to kill the engine in the first place.

Another bad thing is that after you have passed your bike around to your riding buddies the banter will be non stop about how effortless it is to ride a "cheating A-- bike"

Go to the YZ400/426/450 section and do a search for "rekluse" to get alot of testimonials.

I trail ride my YZ426 and if you ride enduros I can tell you one BIG advantage of the rekluse is that all you have to do is point and shoot the bike all day. All you do is concentrate on your lines and shift,brake,gas and go-- this saves alot of energy and makes riding more fun.

I tried it on my 426 and didn't like it. I like to do maintenance on my bikes but I don't like having to check that install gap every few hundred miles. We ride trails and some sandy stuff where I'm at and a lot of times we're putting 80 to 100 miles a day on our bikes. Sometimes we'll do a couple of 60 mile day rides 3 or 4 days in a row; I've had a mechanic check my install and make sure everything was right and I even contacted Rekluse for updates which was moderately helpful. I pulled my clutch out after the break in period with brand new ebc plates and rode again and burnt up the new plates. Eventually I burnt up another set of plates and the clutch left me stranded. When the clutch worked it worked really good! I just didn't like the finicky nature of the setup. Just my experience and I know some people just love them but some people don't like Yamaha's either.

I got over 2000 miles on my adjusted install gap. The unit does not go out of adjustment in normal riding! :D I am extremely impressed! :) I do use stock Yamaha plates and Delo 400 oil as recommended by Rekluse! :)

I asked Rekluse if using the kevlar plate from ebc would be a problem and they said that would work great with their clutch. I also asked them at that time what oil they would recommend with their setup. Rotella 4t was the trick. Yamaha suggest, of course, yamalube a semi syn. oil. What has everyone been running in their engines to protect the engine and work effectively with the clutch as well.

I'm all about the woods on my YZ Fofiddy with the Rekluse. Yup, It's almost like cheating. Nothing bad to say. My friction plates and installed gap are still the same as they were on the day of install.

If you're burning plates, it's not set up properly.

Don't let the freewheeling downhill get to you. You'll figure it out with just a little revs your very first time out.

I really like it because now I can pick my nose and adjust my wedding tackle with my left hand anytime I need too and the bike never stalls.


ive been running Delo 400 and the previous owner, who raced the hell out of the bike used the same, and this thing, clutch and engine, runs like a champ!!! It is hard to get used to and w/o the perch adjuster i tend to pull the decomp lever when going from 1st into 2nd, but time will take care of that, and so will a perch adjuster.

I installed it, the mechanic at the bike shop I work at has been there 22 years a checked everything out. He's installed at least a dozen of the Rekluse and several of the Revloc clutches. Of the two he recommends the revloc. I know a lot of people have had luck with them but maybe I'm one in a hundred. We had to send one of their clutches back for a customer on a KTM 4 stroke because we couldn't get the install gap to work with the clutch basket mod you have to do on the 05' 450 exc. The install gap was way too tight. Other than that everyones been happy. Where do you get Delo 400? Why did Rekluse tell me to use Shell Rotella 4t with their clutch?

Diesel oils like Shell Rotella and Chevron Delo 400 oils can be purchased at any autozone or auto parts store. It is cheap at $10.00 per gallon! No more high priced oils for me. I change the oil so much it saves a lot of money! :)

i checked out revloc but they wanted $500 more than Rekluse and that was a "sale" price!? so I went with Rekluse.

And Indy is right.... Rotella is good oil at a great price....even walmart carries it..........................unless u like paying big $ for names like mobil 1

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