426 jetting help

I have an 01 wr426 with a gutted factory pipe and the air box lid removed. It's fast bey much too loud. I also have a GYTR silencer insert for the pipe that I want to know what jetting would be best for this set up. I just bought the bike and I don't know what jet it has right now, so maybe someone can recomend how many jets leaner I might need to go if I put in the GYTR? Thanks in advance for your help.

I have an 02 Wr426 with a GYT-R insert, a twin air air filter, took the insert out of the airbox but left the lid on (too much sucking noise with lid off), a cut grey wire, and a zip ty fuel screw. My jetting is stock with the fuel screw 1 3/4" out and it runs great, very fast. It runs alot better with the GYT-R insert rather than no insert and it's quieter.

I checked and it had a 170 main, so I switched it to the 168 and put in the GYTR silencer insert. feels slower, but its hard to tell.

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