NC street legal title question......

How do I go about making my XR650R street legal? The title has the "not intended for on-road use.." and the dmv says they can't make a dirtbike street legal even if I have the turn signals, brake light, dot tires, etc. How did you guys get a tag?

In SC, I just applied as a rebuilt/homemade vehicle. No problem getting the highway patrolman to sign the inspection paperwork. I just sent the title paperwork off and am waiting to see. I originally bought the bike while living in GA and couldn't do the conversion there because they said it was no longer allowed. Not too sure though that I couldn't have gotten by with this same procedure.

NC has stopped dirt bike conversions. :) Your best bet is to get a title from another state and transfer the title. If you already have a title they don't care about it then. If you know someone in VA or SC that you could say "sell the bike to for like a dollar" have them title it and then buy it back "say for like a dollar", you would have a valid title that NC will accept for transfer. Hence instant title and tag. You just have to go around your arse to get to your elbow. :)


Fay NC

I actually talked to someone at the main DMV branch in Raleigh and they said to take it to a place near here that does inspections and get the inspector to give an official "road worthy" statement and bring that document along with the title to the DMV to get a tag. I guess if I can get an inspector to give me the official thumbs up documentation I might be ok? I am gonna talk to the inspector next week and see what they say. (fingers crossed)

Good luck it's allmost as bad as Cali out here now. Va it's still a breeze.

The key word in your statement was TITLE. My fellow rider had all the inspections and paperwork done, turned in, and was issued a tag. Two weeks later, instead of a title, received a letter stating " Due to current regulations reguarding OHV conversions we are unable to issue a title for your type vehicle. please turn in your issued hard tag to the NC License plate Agency. Failure to do so will result in fines and blocks on current vehicle registrations."

He still used the tag for the one year the tag was good for. But had to pay $50. fine in order to get the tags renewed on his truck. If you can get it go for it. Just be careful of the fine print.

Good Luck

Ray H.

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