Good Front tire to match Maxxis IT Rear?

I have heard nothing but good things about the Maxxis IT rear tires in terms of their grip and near indestructibility but I haven't heard anything about the Maxxis IT Front tire? What are you running on the front along with your Maxxis rear? I am looking to get a replacement set of tires soon, I am running D756's front and rear now. Thanks for any info.

Oddly, the Maxxis IT front is just not very good. It grips intermediate surfaces a little better than the D739 does, but not as good as a D742, and nowhere near as well as a 756. Plus, the knobs round over fairly quickly, and it doesn't work that well on hard surfaces. I've heard the Maxxis SI was better, but I haven't used one myself. The 756 is what I use in front.


Thanks for the info! I had a feeling the Maxxis fronts weren't anywhere near as good as the rear's so I will just get a new D756 front tire. If I was a pro and was sponsored I wouldn't want to have 2 different brand tires on my bike, but since I am not I'll stick with what works and will be cheaper in the long run! :)

D742. Not as good as the 756 when its soft, but the 42 has a very broad range where it works ok. Kinda like the Maxxis IT rear. I've used the IT/742 combo for a couple of years now, everywhere. I got too lazy to change tires for different conditions and this combo is the best I've used for versatility. And the IT rears last better than any other tire I've ever tried. Just my opinion. Greyracer is right about the IT front, its not very good at all.

Is it just me, or does that new Maxxis SI look a lot like a Dunlop D742???

I also use the 756 front with the Maxxis IT rear. This seems to be a good combo a variaty of dirt. The 756 works especially well after a little break in.

Check out Dunlops new D952...supposed to be long lasting...cheaper in price...and good in a variety of terrain.

I've got the Maxxis SI on front and I really like it. It's hard for me to compare it to another good front tire since the last two have been a cheng shin and D739 it's definitely better than both of those. I also have the Maxxis IT on the rear and I am still amazed but how durable that tire is. I've had it on for several months with a fair amount of miles, it has worn but still has plenty of life and hooks up pretty good.

I run the Maxxis sur cross front, and IT rear, seems to work very well.

I believe in the hard/rear, soft/front principle in both street riding and dirt. I run a Metzeler M1 front (sport tire) and Z6 rear (touring tire) on my sportbike and they stick well together and last a long time. And on my YZ, a Maxxis SI front and IT rear. It's the front you want to hook or grab and the rear you want to last. So get an SI front to go with that IT rear and you'll be happy, I promise. :)

i have th IT front with the rear a love it.

UPS dropped off my new Bridgestone 401 90/100/21 and IT rear today. I can't wait to mount em and see what happens.

I like the IT rear / Kenda Millville front :)

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