Clip On heat shield on rear brake pads?

I just replaced my stock rear brake pads with a set of EBS. The stock pads had two thin shields that "clipped"on the metal side of each pad. The after market pads didn't have this.

I took these shields off the stock and put them on the aftermarket pads.

Is this recommended?

Yes you need to reuse them. They are more to keep the brakes from squealing.

These are usually anti squeal shims and make no difference to the braking power or heat transfer. If you're really concerned, lose the shims and use a thin smear of copper based grease on the METAL side of the pads to stop them squeaking...DON'T GET ANY ON THE FRICTION SIDE...and make sure you wipe every last spare blob of grease off everything else, including your hands before installing the calipers!

Yes, you'll want to transfer those shields from your old pads to the new ones. Also, make sure your caliper and slider pins work freely and put a tiny bit of hi temp silicone grease / paste (i.e. Sil-Glyde) on those parts to keep them moving free.

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