Regarding fuel feed....

Just got my Zip-Ty larger capacity fuel tank. One question I have is, don't bikes rely on a gravity fed system to provide fuel to the carbuerator?

With this new tank, the fuel petcock is now actually about 2.5 inches below the bowl of the carbuerator. Does a four stroke because of the accelerator pump actually have a stronger suction, and thus can pull the fuel uphill?


I believe the pressuer of the gas in the take will help push the fuel as well. Not too sure about there being any suction, maybe someone can answer that?

Yeah so far it seems to be working.....I took a little spin thru the neighborhood, with only about a pint of fuel in the tank, no problems....


so i guess all is good with it .glad to hear that.have fun with your trip next week-wish i was going !

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