WR450 - Good trail bike or too much?

I was pretty set on getting a WR250 but I went and looked at them and I'm kind of considering the 450 now. I haven't rode one but it sure felt nice and narrow and pretty light too. I figured maybe a little extra power wouldn't hurt. I'm going trail ride with it.....do you think it's too much bike for trails?

I think it's the perfect bike. I do a lot of that kind of riding myself and I am very happy with it. It's light ( with a low center of gravity ), very user friendly power, and very " flickable", for lack of a better word. You won't be sorry. I'm sure the 250 is a good bike, but you'll be missing out on power on the top end and you'll be wanting more.

Buy it and enjoy. :)

I was pretty set on getting a WR250 but I went and looked at them and I'm kind of considering the 450 now. I haven't rode one but it sure felt nice and narrow and pretty light too. I figured maybe a little extra power wouldn't hurt. I'm going trail ride with it.....do you think it's too much bike for trails?

Get t he 450. If you got the 250, as soon as you got used to it, it would seem underpowered. Then you'd have to sell the 250 at a loss and turn right around and buy the 450 anyway. I'm just saving you money and telling you to skip the first step, go right to step 2! :)

Great trail bike. When thinking about my '04, "flickable" doesn't really come to mind, especially after taking a spin on my buddy's KTM 200EXC. Having said that, it handles very well for a big bore electric start four-stroke, and I ride some pretty gnarley single track. I LOVE the motor. This puppy pulls, pulls, and then pulls some more. From what I hear, the '05 feels more "flickable" due to the lowered center of gravity, but I've yet to ride one, so I can't really compare. The suspension is really pretty good also.

I don't think this would be a very good beginner bike strictly due to the weight--the power is pretty forgiving. If you have some experience under your belt, you will love this bike. Lots of power, and very manageable.

Well you didn't mention your age, height or weight? but the WR 450 is an outstanding trail machine. thats exactly what it was designed for. but depending on what I mentioned above????

My son rides a YZF426 and his buddy has a YZF250. The 426 has all the power required for what we do. and he even enjoys it at the track. The 250 is happier at the track than on the trail because it doesn't have to work as hard to stay up with the big bores. :)

I know that this is about the WR and not the YZF, but the size differences correlate to the above as well. I would go for the 450. I know they don't feel as "flickible" as the other poster stated. but between the YZF 426 and the YZF250 that I mentioned. I have ridden both of them and can't really notice a big weight difference. but I can feel a BIG power difference :)

Get the 450, you will thank yourself later!

I would say for high altitude riding in Montana forget the 250. You loose as much as 20% of your HP at 10,000 feet. :)

If you're gonna have only one trailbike; get the 450. I'm having a ball on mine!

Height, weight, age, and riding style???? the are all part of the formula. I am 37, 6-2, and weight way too much. I moved up from a 98400 to the 05WR450 and without a doubt I can say it was a good move. I ride primarily trails ranging from tight vicious single track to fun fast two track. The bike is easy to throw around, seat to tank transition is great, and a twist of the grip pulls me out of a LOT of mistakes. But at the same time the throttle control is so good I don't find myself tryig to keep the front end in control. What you expect it to do it does!

I'm 50, 6', 190lbs, pretty good shape (concrete finisher). I think I'll be able to handle it ok and like someone else pointed out, at our elevation we loose some HP too.

I was very impressed with the Yam's ability to deal with my mates ineptitude when dealing with anything mechanical. His 450 had no oil left in it when we went out a few weeks back.

My Husky may be lighter but she needs plenty of TLC.

The way i look at it is......why get the 250 when they make a 450!

there's no replacement for displacement..... :)

I trailride a 450 over here in England and even being the novice that I am, I found it an absolute treat to ride.

You learn a lot about throttle control REAL fast though.... :)

If you are a little down on experience then try this on the 450. Just cut off enough of the throttle stop so that the throttle will only open up about 3/4 of the way until you are used to this then do the complete mod.

While I wouldn't say my 250 is underpowered, I rode a buddy's '05 WR450 and found it a cinch to manage the extra power. His '05 seemed to handle on par with my 250, maybe a bit heavier but nothing to worry about. I ride mostly tight single track and can rarely use all the little 250 has, much less all of a 450's muscle. But if you have areas that are open enough to twist the throttle, the 450 will make you smile every time. In the woods? pic 'em. Out in the open? 450 all the way.

I had the exact same questions, and chose the 450. I'm new to dirt bikes, and haven't regretted for one second. I mostly ride tight steep trails and the bike has amazing low end torque for that. Don't hesitate - a bigger motor doesn't work as hard and in general will require less maintenance.

I'm 44 and ride a WR426. It had been about 20 years since I did much riding, and several people tried to talk me into a WR250. Boy, am I glad they didn't!!! It's got all the power you need, but very controllable. I couldn't imagine going back to a 250 now. Get the 450!

How much horsepower does the WR-450F have? :)

How much horsepower does the WR-450F have?

A WR/YZ 426/450 with all the free mods, open pipe, and well jetted should be putting out close to 50 hp.

I'm a relatively new rider and after the first 15 minutes on my stock 450 I thought maybe I should have gotten the 250. After 2 more hours I fell in love and wouldn't trade it for anything. Now I've done all the mods searching for that extra little bit of power. This bike hauls, but you'll get used to it quick.

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