WR450 - Good trail bike or too much?

What does a WR450 and a WR250 rider have in common?

They both want to be WR450 riders!

OK, don't everyone shoot me at once but I have to say most people responding here have "probably" (now I said probably) never spent much time on a 250. Because if they did I'd say it's a lot harder decision than a snap response. I'm in the middle if anything. I'd say yes it depends on your height or more importantly weight. If your 200lbs+ buy the 450.

I also think terrain is a major factor. In tight and technical terrain big bikes have no advantage I've found. I have a 400 and 250 now a 280cc. At my 5'9 160lbs. the 250 is for me the most common ride. It feels a lot lighter and handles better than the 400/426/450/520s I've ridden. It carves without question better than any big bore bike. I have 3 450s a 426 and a KTM520 in my primary riding group and we switch bikes all the time. Yea, I love the fact that I can power up 3rd gear wheelies on the big bikes :) but I've never been in a situation where I've blown a run or hillclimb because my 250 was underpowered. It was my bad not the bikes fault. I'd say you'll have a great time on either. Now I did install a 280 kit, high flow head, full exhaust... :)???

I've had a WR250 and now have a WR450. They are both nice bikes but I like the hit of the 450 better. It can get me out of situations where I made mistakes, like last ride when I missed the rear brake and had to ride over a fallen tree. I've had a lot of 400's though and it's harder going to a 250 from a larger bore.

The 450 (at least the '05) is very good on trails. I'm "only" 175 lbs and it's not too much for the type of riding I do.

I weigh a buck forty seven and I am worked at the end of an adventurous 4 hour ride. (single, double track and old logging roads mixed in) But to tell you the truth, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Go with the 450. I have to say the 250 is a great bike but after 6 months you will want the 450. The 250 is great on super tight single track but anything else the 450 will be better.

I have both and the 250 is great for single track and the really nasty stuff. The 450 is for more open terrain.

I think out west the 450 would be a better choice.

The 450 is a great trail bike, just avoid washouts as they will flat mess your s*** up! up! :):):D

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