Fair Price

Is $4000 dollars a fair price for a lightly used 2003 YZ 450 f??? The only upgrade is a pro moto billet spark arrestor with the 96 db insert!!

I would wait a few months and you may get as much as a grand off that price when the 2006 is released.

I plan on selling my03 450f $3200 and I have $1000's worth of parts

your almost always going to pay more in cali but even then that price seems a little steep.

look in cycletrader and you should be able to find some good deals right now with the '06's coming out.

I was looking at an '03 450 about 15 months ago for less than that ($3500).

Thanks for the input. Although this bike is super clean (owned by an older dude) I think I'll hold of on getting a big bore until I can afford one new

Good move JSAN.

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