02 426 graphics

My graphics are a little faded on the tank and shrouds. also the fork and swingarm stensils are barely there. Where is a good place to look (internet) for some graphics that are stock looking? I want my bike to look as good as it runs.

I am into graphics, but, not stock graphics. Here is my WR426 MotoXXX YZ grahics kit that I customized myself for my WR.


My current favorite graphics though can be seen in this link:


Go to custom graphic gallery and pic the 5th picture counting from the left (Dare Racing). I think they will make that for a WR and you can tell them which logos and which name. You can put your last name, followed by racing. I think it it pretty pricey though. Anyway, after I tear up my current kit, this will be my next kit. :)

Thats not graphics, it's a billboard advertivsment!

Do those companies pay you to advertise their products?


That's a Very clean bike ! I run a 426 and would like to replace the decals for original.

I think the yamaha main dealer's might be able to help.

Sometimes less is more .

well i was going to drop about 100 bucks to get all new graphics, but after i saw what happened after i wrecked this weekend i dont think im gonna waste my money on a look that will get destroyed after i spill. Plus scratches give it character...thats the real customized look!!!

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