xr650l cam HRC? or Hot Cam?

Well since we can get an HRC cam from service Honda for $250 (not bad pricewise) I have now a decision to make.

Do I get the HRC or go with the Hot Cam (stage 2 is all that is in the cataloge now, $150)

Thoughts recomendations? Any one used both?

I know that the Hot Cam is only surface hardened.



while I have used neither, if my pocketbook allowed it, I would have more confidence in the HRC ... being factory-designed, it would be more likely to be supported by Honda, if something was defective ... just my guess

I have a stage 2 on a 650R and it is great. Half a year now and no problems.

It gives me more bottom. Just remeber no to use synthetic during break in period, it is ok after that

hello i have been trying to get hold of the HRC cam for the xr650l do you have the part number or could you find out as i am in the uk and the bike was imported and nobody seems to know, i would like the full kit if possible part number if known hope you can help if you have fitted it could you let me know what you think thanks

when I order it I will post the # here! (Monday)


I have a stage 1 hotcam and i love it. No probs.

I have a stage 1 hotcam and i love it. No probs.

What kind of perfomance gains did you get? Any drawbacks?

i have a hot cam....thats all i know....it came on the bike along with all this shizzle: yoshi exhost, 4 gallon ims tank, protapers, new grips, bark busters, new turn signals, hot cam, ufo headlight, and other stuff

Okay so the search is going still have not gotten the part #

service Honda did not have it

Will keep you updated


Since I have installed the Hotcam my bike is a lot quicker and revs nicely. Of course the other mods helped also. :)

Man I totaly forgot to post that # 1400-NH4-000. Cheapest place was servicehonda.com @$289+ shipping.

I actually decided to go with the HotCam stage 2.

I just decided to give it a try esp. at half the price!

Now I just wait to get it back... with 10.25:1 cam and all the other stuff esp. the Kehein 41FCR..


I thought Hot Cams only made a Stage 1 cam for the L? At least that's all that's listed on the site. If you have info on the Stage 2 could you post the specs for comparison? Also whether or not it requires dif springs, guides, hardened rockers etc...?

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