WR426 or WR250

I am trying to decide between the WR426 & 250. My most recent off road bike was an XR400. I live in Colorado and will be doing trail riding and enduros with an occasional hare scramble. I'm 6'2" and 170 lbs. Any recommendations???

125 or 250


Go with the WR426! It has more balls than the 250. You don't have to use it all, but it's nice to know you got it if you need it. Everything else in my opinion is the same!

The 426 kicks butt !!!! :)


You are big enough to fit on the WR426 just fine. Now the question, do you want to? Do you ride any desert, open stuff, and are you willing to compromise a bit in the tight trails. Most of the trails around here are more open, or desert terrain, making the 426 awesome. IF I was riding in tighter, slower terrain I would go for the 250. Oftentimes I wish I had the 250 for scrambles, but I like the reliability factor of a bigger bike in that I don't flog it as hard. The 250s are somewhat of an unknown quantity as far as I can tell.

Trust Me! Get the 426.

I just went through the same situation and I am only 5'11" and 165lbs. I purchased a yz250f and could not believe how small it felt and how much more like a 125 it is than a 250. Fortunately, I have a 14 yr old nephew and the 250f was his dream bike, so now he has it. I just purchased the 426f and am so much happier all around.

The yz and wr 250f's are for teenagers.

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