chopping up xr650l muffler

i recently brought my muffler to work. cut it open, removed baffle in the end, and welded in a 1 3/4 inch stainless pipe, instead of the tiny exit pipe. then welded up outside of muffler so it looks pretty much stock. i was expecting it to be loud as @#$$ when i fired it up. it does sound better, but not as loud as i expected.

anyone else try this, and did you drill holes in the exit pipe. any performance increase. i've just gotten done with all the carb mods and desmog. haven't gotten to take it out for a real test to see what kind of difference it made. sure seems to idle better, might have been all the crap in the carb, too.

i figured i'd try this before spending a ridiculous amount for a muffler.

It would have been nice if you had taken a few pictures of it cut open. I'm real curious to see just what's in there, but I'm not quite ready to cut mine appart yet.

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