Irondude is FREE!!!

Free Irondudes?

Where can I get one, I like free stuff...

He, spouted off some truths about Honda cheating but, that had nothing to do with it. Then he went off on how the Honda CRF250 sucked but, that didn't have anything to do with it. He went off about some of the guy's that run TT being sponsored or have worked for or are working for Honda, but, that had nothing to do with it. So, then they said, he made some racist remarks but, nothing he said, was really racist or derogatory. They never really showed what he said that was so wrong. No cursing, no dirty pictures, nothing personal....well maybe a little if you want to Read IT THAT WAY. Irondud can really get the point across. In few words. It's the dark side of the group that is needed to stop the Dweebs from taking over! :)

Yeah I'm back! Sure is nice of TT to let me back on. I was getting a lot more work done, and started a couple hobbies--but collecting ceramic chickens just wasnt the same as roosting around on TT. (get it- chickens...roosting)


Ride Red!

shit, now what cause am i supposed to champion in my sig?

Free Hat!!!

IronDude, is it true that Big Red Pigs kick Husky butt? :):)

Big Iron D!

So what's it like hangin' with Elvis and eatin' chicken fried steak covered in gravey n' natters???

Nice lookin' Hook-Varn by the way!

Yeah it was weird.

I never realized Ride Red was all part of satans plan. Turns out we are all doomed!

I suddenly realized i was in hell--sitting there on the brp half way up a hill stalled out and flooding with trophy truck demons coming at me--i just kicked and kicked and kicked while the flames and lava wipped up around me and the damn bike wouldnt start! Elvis driving Robbie Gordens first trophy truck just came right at me shouting Viva Vegas to Reno!-but then Richard Nixon came over and invited me to a game of 7 card hold thing ya know i'm tapped out and have to throw my goggles in to cover the bet....bastard cheated.... and i had to ride around hell without any goggles!

I bumped into Santa (the original Red Rider), Joque Cousteau (who could have guessed that one?), and all the usual suspects--Tupac, Bob Denver, Hitler, Lisa 'left eye' Lopez....even Sid Viscious!!

After months of crazy fried food (its ALL fried down there...) and endless complaining by all the muslims...... i hit this big jump and just kept going up and up and up until i hit fresh air and landed in bed with my wife and dogs.

Was it all just a bad dream?

If you peek under the covers and see Elvis, Hitler & Mainjet's mugs down by your feet then,'s not a bad dream!

Figures, I save up for months to get my own Irondude, and now they give 'em away for free.....Glad I didnt buy one!


who is irondude?

Who's Iron Dude????

Why, he's like Bill Braskey only not as wimpy!

He's the Bunyon of Paul Bunyon!

He's the Sass in Sasquatch!

He's the Frank in the Stein!

He's the Thorn in Honda's side!

He's the Stick in the eye of Cheater's

And he kilt him a Barr when he was only 2 1/2!

Who's Iron Dude????

He put the berg in Hondaberg!

He bent a pair of Barrs when he was only 15.


Who's Iron Dude????

...And he kilt him a Barr when he was only 2 1/2!

Dat boy kilt him a barr at 2 1/2? He proly rund'it down wit hiz moterbike and den kilt da barr wit hiz barr handz whilze he waz barr naked.

I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! .... I could care less about this place anymore, and as far as language there must not be a moderator worth anything on this site as I've seen all kinds of bullshit here full of foul language. SO FLAME ON SHITHEADS. GOOD RIDDENCE.

It's such a good quote....should be in every thread no? :)

Actually he is a slightly balding middle aged man with way to much time on his hands...esecially his right hand!

He got 54th place in the last Baja 500, hasnt cleaned out his camalback since last months ride, and cant seem to catch the plane...


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