Lithium soap based grease???

In the Yamaha shop manual (the blue extensive one) they recommend "Lithium soap based grease" for a number of lubrication points (i.e. the rear wheel axle etc.) Is this the typical white colored grease you find in hardware stores for things like car door hinges etc?? or is this a specialized type of lube? What do you use for lube when it comes to grease?? (manufacturers, names of grease etc.)


I just clean out all the old stuff and use Bel Ray waterproof grease for everything.

Bel-Ray waterproof grease for axles and filters, et and Mobil Mobiltemp SHC-32 for any rolling element (anti-friction) bearings. The Mobiltemp is a synthetic grease with an extremely wide temperature range.

Lithium white grease

Thanks for the help......


Lithium white grease

Lithium soap based grease covers a lot of different greases. If you grab a standard wheel bearing grease it will most likely be lithium soap based (read the label), be sure the GL rating matches what's required (does the manual even specify a GL rating?). BelRay waterproof stuff is very tacky, been around a long long time and should work fine as well.

No, the manual does not specify.

Thanks again, I bought the BelRay today, and used it on the rear axle.....

Thanks again, I bought the BelRay today, and used it on the rear axle.....

The BelRay is spectacular for things like the axle. The only places I am personally very picky about specified grease are wheel bearings and linkage; everywhere else the BelRay should be fine.

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