harescramble mods

I have an '04 YZ 450f that is completely stock and I'm curious as to what mods I could make to it to make it a good bike for racing harescrambles. If you guys have any ideas it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)

Make to sure to have a good tire with plenty of life left. Hare Scrambles tend to have snotty slippery mud and slick dry flat turns. Make sure to get a good strong set of hand guards. Before I had mine, there were two trees very close together and the left side hit and the clutch lever crushed my fingers :). But your bike is only 1/2 your worries. The dreaded arm pump is very popular. And its very wise to to wear a camel back. And uuuummmm, get to know your bike. Have fun and ride hard. :)

From what I hear the single best mod would be an auto clutch like the Rekluse. Wish I could try one and find out....

From my Hare Scrambles experiences on my 426 I can definately say it would be a great addition. Let's see, how many guys passed me when I stalled it ten minutes into the race? No more dealing with that. How badly was my out of shape clutch hand hurting after that tight woods section? No more of that either. Plus from what I hear they make the bike just hook up perfectly with little wheel slippage. Also from what i hear they make a bike way easier to ride.

Other than that, handguards for sure and make sure you softenup that MotoX suspension! Fuel tank would be nice but not necessary, depending on the event. Probably need a spark arrestor.

Bike protection :)

well i got a clarke tank 2.8 and a flywheel wt that will fit your bike. I will sell both for 200 bucks. Did I tell you they came off a 05 450. pretty much new. you will be saving over 100 bucks easy. pm me

forget the flywheel

Get a rekluse clutch :)

The Best Legal Cheat

HA Ah, Its takin me 1.5 years to get my '04 450 into perfect harscramble condition, do you really want to know how much crap i have on it, its scary. But here goes.

DH-1 triple clamps w/protapers

acerbis rally pro alluminum hand gaurds

Scotts stabilizer (welded)

756rr front

Maxiss It rear

51 tooth rear sprocket, (for the trees and rocks)

DH1 desert skid plate

works connection frame gaurds

Clarke 2.8 gallon tank


all kinds of anodized crap

Boyesen accelerator pump cover (smooth power in the tight stuff)

Re-jet for better smoother perfromance

Devol rad gaurds (must have)

I dont feel like listing the rest its to painful $$$$$$$$$$$

Haha thanks guys...I'll have to look into getting that auto clutch. I've heard of people raving about them before so they sound like they're worth it.

on my 05 i've pretty much got er' set. anything you can do to better the bottom end. mine has powerbomb header,powercore 4,power now(rear only),twin air,boyesen ap cover,icat,+6 trail tech fw,rekluse clutch,13/52 gearing w/o-ring. then you gotta stop too so you'll need mud resistant pads like ebc mx-s,galfer wave rotors. and then theres the protection- handgaurds,rad gaurds,skidplate,sharkfin at the least. suspension is a must,it has to be valved softer for offroad,and sprung for your weight. ergo's must be set up properly(bars,seat,pegs) definately need that 2.8 clarke(its a very good tank,i've got one) i run fluidyne rads and run evans npg-r(it will not boil over) like said tires must match your terrain. i run maxxis SI's f/r very good all round tire that does mud-dry-rocks. :) and then after your wife divorces ya for spending so much time and money on the bike,you'll have plenty of time to race :)

and then after your wife divorces ya for spending so much time and money on the bike,you'll have plenty of time to race

LOL...sounds like you are a man of experience NC.....at least you have your priorities straight :)

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