Why the big price jump??

Is it the aluminum frame or is it just because everyone seems to be willing to pay whatever the price is?? Maybe I should stop whining but man these things are getting a little high priced. $300 more than last year. Bikes seem to be taking the same route as sleds as far as price increases and depreciation. I guess everything goes up. :)

I guess they have to make back the money they used for the new bikes but yea the price increase sucks. Its hard enough to buy the bikes as it is. For a 15 yr old any way. Oh well, maybe we can sell them for more. :)

I'm afraid it's going to get more and more like snowmobiles I mean up hear a good mountain sleds going to run you around 8-10K at least and if you dump her in 2 years your luck to get 4-5. Kind of takes the fun out of it.

The new frame is a factor, but the whole bike including the motor is new as well. Gotta pay for that development some how. Also have to remember the new Ti shock spring ($$) and the new Pro Tapers (more $$). Honda sells a boat load of CRFs for the same money, so Yamaha probably figures they can too.

and don't forget yamaha have to pay chad reed 6 million a yr to race, how do you think they can afford to pay him?

Don't forget the ever devaluing greenback fellas.... it ain't over yet.

I think the new bike is well worth the extra $$$ Just look how much more your getting than last year, I do agree though they are getting up there in price. Hopfully the price will hold for a few more seasons before they go up again.

damn....i remember back when i was 15 i took out a loan from the bank to buy a new '84 RM 250, i think it was about $1500 bucks! talk about inflation! :)

even so, i didnt think it was too bad droppin $5600 on my 04 450...go figure :)

Don't forget the ever devaluing greenback fellas.... it ain't over yet.

A weak dollar may be good in the long run! Imports will cost more in the short run; but that makes domestically manufactured goods more viable which creates domestic jobs. And if more people get paid then more people can spen all their cash on these new expensive bikes. :) Expensive new bikes will also keep the used bike market afloat. As much as it sucks, MX is becoming a rich mans game anyway. Somewhere there are a lot of well funded people who are willing to pay more. I wish I knew what they did for a living because my salary is still down compared to a couple years ago before the .com crash. :)

As much as it sucks, MX is becoming a rich mans game anyway.

Then don't take up road racing. MX is still the cheapest motorsport I can think of.

The dollar has probably been overvalued for the last few years, in no small part due to monetary policy of Japan and China. But since one year ago it has fallen less than 1% to the Yen. Most of the dollars fall has been against the Yuan and Euro I think...

So the US exchange rate doesn't really explain the price increase, I suspect fuel (and so higher transport costs) and rubber prices have caused all the inputs to rise, so the costs to Yamaha etc. are higher.

Whatever. I imagine the bike will be $300 better than the '05 model...

It better be worth it....I've been holding off getting another race SM till I knew where Yammy was goin.....5 speed etc etc etc ....watch next year they will have FI........If they do and you can't retro into the 06's I'll go to Japan and kick whats his names ass........ :)

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