Clutch Won't Engage

:Hi to all! I have been visiting the forums for about 4 months now, very cool site by the way, but this is my first post! I have looked all around and cannot solve this problem.... :):)

I am changing the clutch cable and lever on my 99 YZ400F. The clutch worked fine before I pulled the old cable and lever off. After installing the new cable and lever, which are both stock, the clutch does not engage. The actuator arm at engine has no tension at all and moves back and forth easily, it does not feel right at all. It seems when I removed the old cable, the actuator lever loosened up. Any help would be greatly appreaciated, Thanks! :D:D

Nevermind, I have it fixed. The cable just needed to be adjusted. I guess the actuator arm is normally loose before the clutch engages. Thanks anyways everybody

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