My Wr lives again!

Got my baby all back together today.

New crank, cam chain (much harder to install cams now :) ), 97mm pro-x, puttied head, new clutch basket.

It's actially quiet! :) . I used the staock WR pipe for the initial start up (so I could hear the engine) and it was that quiet I could hear the slide rattle, mind you I did have the seat off. Feels pretty strong down low (YZ pipe back on now). Will finish running her in tomorrow.

Is the FMF Q2 any good? or is the oringinal Q the best bet?

I'm gunna go for the Q2, not tried it yet, but it loks so trick!!

Original Q is quieter than stock imo, and I rode a 400 with it +powerbomb and it puled real strong off the bottom end.

Man, if you've got a quiet WR motor, we should banish you from here! You're not one of us anymore!!lol

If your riding on public land stick with a quiet pipe, we don't need more people trying to close down more areas.

I've got the Q2 and I like it. It's lighter and flows better than the original, according to the reviews. The only problem I had is that the sticker on the muffler melts off due to the heat, despite the bike being jetted properly, but big deal, right?...SC

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